Drug Addiction Treatment Berkshire

Looking for drug addition treatment in Berkshire?  Having a drug addiction can be a lonely and isolating place to live. What started out as an innocent experiment with one or two recreational drugs can quickly spiral into an addiction. If you’ve recently become aware that you are facing a drug problem and wish to face… Read more


Food Treatment Berkshire

Look no further for food treatment in Berkshire Whilst food is something that we all need in order to function and survive, for many people it can quickly become an obsession and addiction. Thousands of people’s lives are affected by food addiction every year, with friends and families of the addict also being affected. The… Read more


Addiction Help Hampshire

Looking for addiction help in Hampshire?  Having an addiction is an overwhelming place to be. It’s often the only reason to wake up in the morning and overrules daily life. It can destroy relationships, friendships and leave a person feeling alone and isolated. Quite often the only solace an addict can find is in the… Read more


Gaming Addiction Treatment Berkshire

Is it time for you to seek gaming addition treatment in Berkshire? The wonderful world of gaming can be a place to escape and live another life. It provides solitude like nothing else, all the while allowing you to be another version of yourself. Gaming can be an enticing place to live, but more and… Read more


Alcohol Treatment In Berkshire

Are you ready to take part in alcohol treatment in Berkshire? Alcohol is something that is readily available to everyone at all times. From the local pub to the off licence around the corner, the next drink is always within arms reach. Whilst alcohol may seem like the answer to your problems, you’ll know all… Read more


Treatment For Sex Addiction In Guildford

Has an addiction to sexual activities taken over your life? If you’re based in Guildford, our highly experienced counsellor is keen to help. Sex addiction can take many different forms, from having multiple affairs to being addicted to cybersex or visiting prostitutes. Sex is also everywhere in popular culture: from online pornography to salacious advertising…. Read more


Treatment For Alcohol Problems In Hampshire

What drug is readily available in all supermarkets, socially acceptable, legal and affordable, but can lead to a wide range of long-term health conditions? The answer of course is alcohol, which can lead to one of the worst kinds of addiction. Addiction has recently been described as the ‘no-man’s land between mental illness and bad… Read more


Professional Help For Drug Addiction In Guildford

‘Drugs take you to hell, disguised as heaven.’ (Donald Lynn Frost). Solving a multi-faceted problem like drug addiction might be hard; but with a combination of your own self-will and emotional support from a counsellor, it is always possible. Drug addiction can not only damage your health but has a devastating effect on your relationships,… Read more


Expert Sex Addiction Treatment in Berkshire

Do you feel your sexual habits have got out of control, and are based in Berkshire? The mere word ‘sex’ is often enough to get people’s attention, which is a sign of how potent it is. Sex addiction is often defined as any sexual activity that feels out of control, whether it’s the compulsive watching… Read more


Professional Help For Food Addiction In Surrey

Do you worry you have a compulsive eating disorder in Surrey? We all love food but, unfortunately, obesity is one of the most prevalent problems in the western world. In the UK alone over 32 million people are overweight and more than a third of children are considered obese once they leave primary school. These… Read more


Searching For Drug Addiction Treatment In Berkshire?

Are you worried someone you love has a problem with drugs? If you’re searching for treatment in Berkshire, Addiction Care are keen to welcome you to our clinic in Guildford. Drug addiction is a complex disease and for those who have never experienced it, it can be frustrating and hard to understand. From the outside,… Read more


Beat Drug Addiction In Guildford

Drug addiction is primarily a medical and health issue rather than a criminal one but unfortunately it still gets treated as the latter. However, there are signs that society is taking drug addiction more seriously than in the past; especially when it comes to mental health. According the ONS (Office for National Statistics), there were… Read more


Need Help For Alcohol Addiction In Hampshire?

One of the worst addictions is still that of alcohol, which is causing deaths on a huge scale in the UK. Fresh research published in The Guardian has found that heavy drinking could kill nearly 63,000 people in England in the next five years, and costs the NHS close to £17 billion. Liver disease remains… Read more


Conquer Drug Addiction In Surrey

It can feel like a drug is there for you when nobody else is, even when the whole world turns it back on you. But unfortunately, like alcohol, it can be secretly destroying your life at the same time, often without you fully realising it. Drug addiction is often a way of masking emotional pain,… Read more


Effective Treatment For Alcohol Addiction In Surrey

Does your drinking have a negative effect on your life, but you find yourself unable to stop? If you’re based in Surrey, Addiction Care want to help you change your life for the better. Tragically, Britons are among those most at risk of alcohol-related cancers, according to research conducted in Europe. As you’re probably aware,… Read more


Let’s Conquer Drug Addiction in Surrey

Drug addiction can make you feel vulnerable, alone and stuck in a vicious cycle that is impossible to break.  Many people become dependent on drugs, believing it’s the only way they can endure in life. Whether the addiction began as a social activity, or a way to mask problems, it can quickly become an integral… Read more


Seeking Treatment For Drug Addiction In Surrey?

Drug addiction can alter the physical structure and function of the brain, which is why it can be so difficult to combat. Experts have even compared drug addiction to the brain being given a different ‘operating system’. Many drugs disrupt the way nerve cells work, either by imitating the brain’s natural messengers or by overstimulating… Read more


Professional Treatment for Alcohol Addiction in Surrey

Tragically, as many as 33,000 people die of alcohol-related cases every year. Seeking treatment for alcohol addiction can literally save your life. Alcohol has many detrimental effects on the body, including the fact it shrinks your brain, can lead to stomach disorders, cause liver damage and cirrhosis, lead to a loss of sex drive, and… Read more


Go Beyond Your Addiction In Hampshire

‘Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.’ (Maria Robinson). Addiction can take many forms and here at Addiction Care we help clients from all over Surrey and Hampshire suffering from a variety of problems, from alcoholism to gambling and compulsive overeating. A recent… Read more


One to One Therapy for Addiction in Guildford

‘No one is immune from addiction; it afflicts people of all ages, races, classes and professions.’ (Patrick J. Kennedy). The roots of addiction are complex, varied and usually both physical and psychological. The causes also depend on the individual, which is why one-to-one therapy is so effective. The reasons drug addiction is so hard to… Read more


Get The Help You Need With Alcohol Addiction Treatment Berkshire

Alcoholism is not as black and white as many people think. You don’t need to be sleeping on the streets or taking a drink before work to be an alcoholic. There are all kinds of forms of alcoholism. It may be that you drink most nights or you can’t seem to socialise without having a… Read more


One To One Therapy Guildford

Addictions are probably more common than you might think and there are all kinds of addictions which can cause problems in your day to day life and relationships. Although drugs and alcohol are the most common, you can also be addicted to food, work and even exercise. Any habit which is taking over your life… Read more


Do You Need Alcohol Treatment Berkshire?

Quite often, alcoholism isn’t as obvious as you might think. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you wake up each morning and have a drink, but there are various tell-tale signs that you might have a problem. If you can’t go out for a simple lunch with friends without having a drink, even if no-one else… Read more


1-to-1 Treatment for Addiction in Hampshire

‘Before you can break out of prison, you must realise you are locked up.’ (Anon). Is your life is dominated by an addiction to drugs? Or do you fail to form relationships because of an addiction to video games? At its worst addiction can destroy lives, and it take many different forms beyond the most… Read more


Conquer Addiction In Hampshire This Summer

The spotlight has been on the mental health recently, with Prince Harry relating how he had counselling following his mother’s death. Like many other problems, addiction is an issue linked to mental health issues, like anxiety and depression. Often, the problems underlying addiction are the main driving forces behind it. And it’s not just related… Read more


Professional Counselling For Drug Addiction In Guildford

Are you based in Guildford and seeking help for a drug problem? As you’ll probably aware, an addiction to drugs isn’t just relevant to Class A substances. In fact, there is a growing epidemic of people hooked on drugs prescribed by their doctor. One survey has suggested that over a quarter of a million patients… Read more


Need Help With A Gambling Problem In Berkshire?

Gambling is what’s called an impulse-control disorder and can be caused by a mental health condition known as OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). However, not everybody who becomes addicted to gambling has this problem. Like many addictive habits, gambling is fine in moderation; but it can end up causing huge problems when done in excess, in… Read more


Need A Counsellor For Alcohol Treatment In Surrey?

Do you want to conquer alcohol addiction in Surrey? At Addiction Care, we understand that the first step is often the hardest. Alcohol is one of the most destructive addictions for both the sufferer and their family. It is not only unpleasant to be around, long-term use can take years off your life. Figures have… Read more


Fight Back Against Addiction In Hampshire

‘If you can quit for a day, you can quit for a lifetime.’ (Benjamin Alire Sáenz). Addiction can feel like a locked room without a key, when the key has been your hand the whole time. It’s an extremely isolating place to be. Many people feel vulnerable, doomed and lonely, and think there’s no way… Read more


Effective Treatment For Sex Addiction In Surrey

Addiction takes many different forms, and some people are surprised to find that includes sex. But when does sexual behaviour cross over into an addiction? Although there is nothing wrong with a high libido, a preoccupation with sex shouldn’t take over your entire life. During sex addiction, a person often suffers compulsive sexual thoughts and… Read more


Treatment for Sex Addiction in Hampshire

What is sex addiction? Are how can I seek help for this problem in Hampshire? Any sexual activity that feels out of control can be considered a form of sex addiction. It’s nothing to do with having a high sex drive; instead, it’s related to when sexual activities have a negative impact on your life…. Read more


Need Treatment For Alcohol Addiction In Guildford?

Alcohol is the easiest substance to abuse, because it’s so easy to get hold of. Put simply, it’s legal and it’s available anywhere. Drink is also a part of our social lives and therefore an addiction is much more likely to go unnoticed. While many people can drink recreationally and not get addicted, others end… Read more


Professional Help for Addiction in Guildford

‘Recovery is an acceptance that your life is in shambles and you have to change it.’ (Jamie Lee Curtis). Are you struggling to stick to that new year’s resolution, to move forward in life? Do you feel enmired in the old problems of addiction? Addiction can be one of the loneliest places in the world,… Read more


Struggling With Sex Addiction In Surrey?

Sex is both stimulating and rewarding so it’s not surprising it can be addictive. In fact, this addiction is not entirely dissimilar to substance abuse, as powerful chemical substances are released during sex, including a huge endorphin rush. The causes of sex and love addiction are often rooted in childhood and adolescence, with trauma and… Read more


Fight Back Against Addiction In Guildford

Addiction isn’t just confined to drugs and alcohol: it can also be related to pleasurable activities, like gambling, sex, and shopping. The internet has opened up the floodgates to addictions like online gambling and porn. It’s also now easier than ever to order something with the click of a button, so it’s also made matters… Read more


Looking For Individual Therapy In Hampshire?

‘The first step to getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.’ (Anon). Do you require individual therapy for a problem with addiction? If you live in Surrey or Hampshire, our counsellor at Addiction Care wants to help you conquer your addiction in 2017. Our professional counsellor provides… Read more


Looking for Treatment for Alcohol Addiction in Berkshire?

Was your new year’s resolution to seek treatment for alcohol addiction? If you’re based in the county of Berkshire, Addiction Care are keen to help. According to Science Daily, gambling addiction triggers the same brain pathways as drug and alcohol addiction. Like alcohol addiction, experts believe it might have a genetic component, but it’s still… Read more


Looking for Sex Addiction Treatment in Berkshire?

Are you struggling from problems with sex addiction in Berkshire? One of the biggest misconceptions of addiction is that it’s all in the mind, and people can just stop at any time. This particularly isn’t the case with drug and alcohol addiction, where there are both physiological and emotional problems underlying it. Nor is it… Read more


Professional Treatment For Drug Addiction In Surrey

Do want to start 2017 as your mean to go on? Drug-free? If you’re based in Surrey, Addiction Care are keen to provide the support you need. Drug addiction can lead to extremely harmful consequences, both to the addict themselves and those around them. In the 21st century, problems with addiction don’t just include Class… Read more


Professional Treatment For Sex Addiction In Surrey

Addiction isn’t only related to the well-known problems of drugs and alcohol. Technically, you can be addicted to anything that stimulates your reward system, including sex. Although sex addiction isn’t officially diagnosed by the DSM-5, it is recognised as a very real problem. When is sex an addiction? Sex addiction means you’re involved in compulsive… Read more


Counselling For Compulsive Over-Eating In Hampshire

Got the post-Christmas blues, and been finding comfort in food? Food is one of life’s greatest pleasure, but unfortunately obesity is one of the biggest growing problems in the western world. In the UK, over 32 million people are now clinically obese. Meanwhile, in America, over two-thirds of adults are considered overweight. There’s no doubt… Read more


Do you need One to One Therapy in Berkshire?

Christmas can be an extremely tough time for anybody who suffers from addiction. This period is fraught with emotional difficulties for those who come from a fractured family. Since emotional hardships are a driving force behind addiction, it’s easy to feel vulnerable in December. For those with alcohol problems, it’s also hard to be surrounded… Read more


Looking For Help With Food Addiction In Hampshire?

Christmas time can be a difficult time if you suffer from compulsive overeating. From chocolate treats to jars of sweets, even those with normal eating habits overindulge in December. Food addiction is one of the most difficult habits to recover from, because we’re surrounded by tempting food every day. A healthy appetite for food isn’t… Read more


Our Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Surrey

Are you struggling from problems related to alcohol addiction, and live in Surrey? Many health experts are currently saying there should be a minimum price for alcohol; they believe that alcohol is too cheap and is damaging people’s health to an unacceptable level. Alcohol has such a presence in our everyday lives, particularly at Christmas… Read more


Treatment for Alcohol Addiction in Berkshire

Do you have a problem with alcohol addiction in Berkshire, and are worried about your drinking over the Christmas period? Many things can lead to alcohol dependency, including your family background. Did you know, if your parents were dependent on alcohol, you’re four times more likely to suffer alcohol dependency yourself? Stressful events can also… Read more


Individual Therapy Berkshire

Take a look at Addiction Care today if you require individual therapy and person-centred care for someone facing challenges with drugs and alcohol in Berkshire. At Addiction Care, we provide support individual therapy for people across in Berkshire, Guildford, Surrey or Hampshire. Though many people use drugs and alcohol to erase negative feelings, they can… Read more


Do You Need Drug Addiction Treatment in Surrey?

‘Addiction is a family problem. One person may use, but the whole family suffers.’ (Unknown). As you probably already know, drug addiction can destroy your life. It can prevent someone from working, enjoying time with family, seeing friends and generally being motivated enough to move forward in life. Although drugs might mask problems for a… Read more


Our Individual Therapy in Guildford

Addiction has been described as the only prison where the locks are on the inside. This type of problem often has origins in a person’s past; counselling is therefore often the best way to explore the root causes of addiction. Why is individual therapy so effective? We all know those famous scenes of group therapy… Read more


Alcohol Addiction Treatment In Guildford, Surrey

Around Christmas and New Year’s Eve, the amount we drink tends to increase exponentially. It can therefore be a difficult period for anybody with an alcohol problem. According to a recent study, women now drink as much as men, and are doing increasing amounts of damage to their health. With the gender gap closing, experts… Read more


Treatment For Addiction In Guildford

In the modern age, addiction to prescription drugs can be as problematic as an addiction to illegal drugs, like heroin. According to a study in The New Scientist, there are thousands hooked on strong painkillers, with experts calling the epidemic ‘a public health disaster.’ Addiction takes many different forms, and it’s not just drugs and… Read more


Treatment For Compulsive Overeating In Hampshire

Do you think you might need treatment for food addiction, and are based in Surrey or Hampshire? According to many studies, some foods can be as addictive as drugs, with scientists finding that fattening foods can even be as addictive as heroin and cocaine.  Like these drugs, they overload the pleasure centres in the brain…. Read more


Do You Need One To One Therapy In Hampshire?

‘If you can quit for a day, you can quit for a lifetime.’ (Benjamin Alire Sáenz). Individualised therapy is often the best way to combat addiction. Because addiction is a complex disease, it is usually driven by both psychological and physiological factors. Addiction also takes many different forms: alcohol and drugs, internet addiction, sex, food… Read more


Alcohol Addiction Treatment Berkshire

Help is at hand if you need to arrange alcohol addiction treatment in Berkshire, Guildford, Surrey or Hampshire. At Addiction Care, we specialise in providing care and support for people facing problems with legal and illegal drugs, alcohol and painkillers. Substance misuse is often linked to stress and depression, but it can actually make psychological… Read more


Professional Help for Sex Addiction in Surrey

Sex addiction is described as any sexual activity that feels out of control. That could be anything from watching porn, voyeurism or visiting prostitutes to having one-night stands. Although not as well-known as drug addiction or alcoholism, sex addiction can have devastating consequences on somebody’s life. Researchers also say that this form of addiction is… Read more


Do You Need Alcohol Addiction Treatment In Hampshire?

‘The chains of alcohol are too light to be felt until they are too strong to be broken.’ (Anon). There are many different theories as to what causes alcohol addiction. Most recently, it’s been linked to the lack of a key enzyme in the brain, according to the NHS. However, overall it is an extremely… Read more


Do You Need Sex Addiction Treatment In Berkshire?

Contrary to popular belief, addiction isn’t only confined to drugs and alcohol. Technically you can be addicted to anything that stimulates your reward system. Sugar, work, video games, sex… What precisely is sex addiction? Sex addiction means you involve yourself in compulsive activities, despite the fact they incur negative consequences. Whether it means you can’t… Read more


Gaming Addiction Treatment In Hampshire

Do you have a problem with gaming addiction in Hampshire? Internet and video game addiction is one of the fastest growing problems in the UK- and elsewhere in the world; in Japan, for example, there are boot camps for those with gaming addiction. Video games might offer escapism but this escapism can ultimately lead to… Read more


Drug Help In Hampshire

Do you or someone you know require substance misuse help in Hampshire? If so, help is at hand. Today, there is a growing problem with individuals becoming addicted to legal drugs including prescription drugs, alcohol and painkillers. Many people gravitate towards legal and illegal substances in order to combat stress, but the sad irony is… Read more


Do You Need Treatment For Sex Addiction In Surrey?

Is sex constantly on your brain in Surrey? We bet we’ve got your attention already. Even the word ‘sex’ can be used to snap people to attention- that’s how potent it is. On the surface it might seem that sex addiction isn’t dangerous; but for many people, it can end up destroying their most intimate… Read more


Treatment For Food Addiction In Surrey & Berkshire

Eating disorders are unfortunately on the increase in the UK, and they don’t just affect girls. In particular, social media has been blamed for fuelling unhealthy eating habits. According to the charity Beat, 725,000 people suffer from an eating disorder in the UK, with a majority suffering from anorexia or bulimia. Bulimics can unfortunately often… Read more


Fight Back Against Drug Addiction In Surrey

Modern drug addiction isn’t just linked to illegal drugs, but there is rising problems with those addicted to strong painkillers and prescription drugs. For many people, taking drugs feels like the way to cope with stress- even though, in the long term, it makes such problems worse. Whether it’s sleeping pills or Valium, the detrimental… Read more


Seeking Drug Addiction Treatment In Surrey?

Drug addiction is considered by many to be a disease; this is because it eventually changes the structure and functioning of the brain. Although it’s the addict that takes the initial decision to consume drugs, the addiction which follows affects self-control and prevents people making sound decisions. This is because drugs affect the communication system… Read more


Help For Addiction In Hampshire

‘Every addiction arises from an unconscious refusal to face and move through one’s pain.’ Eckhart Tolle. Are you suffering from drug or alcohol addiction in Hampshire, and need help? If you’re struggling from problems with addiction, nobody needs to tell you tough that is- the chances are that you already know that. However, often it… Read more


Drug Addiction Treatment Near Berkshire

Are you looking for an Accredited Addiction Counsellor for drug addiction? Drug addiction can destroy lives more than any other addiction. Although many people can use them recreationally, for others drugs take them to a more destructive place. This is especially true if they’re used as a coping mechanism, which is often how such problems… Read more


Expert Addiction Treatment Near Berkshire

Addiction is any condition where someone persists in taking substances, or partaking in activities, even though it causes negative effects. It can be anything from playing too many video games, to taking drugs like cocaine. Even work itself can be an addiction. The sufferer experiences withdrawal when they try to quit- whether it’s psychological or… Read more


Alcohol Addiction Treatment Berkshire

Do you have an alcohol addiction? Do you find yourself drinking too much, too fast, or too often? Then you’re not alone. Many people struggle with controlling their drinking at some time in their lives. The good news is, no matter how severe the problem may seem, most people who have an alcohol addiction can… Read more


Get Help For Drug Addiction In Hampshire

In the 21st century, drug addiction takes many different forms. Although we traditionally associate it with Class A drugs like cocaine, there is growing problems with prescription drugs, particularly strong pain killers. There are also the dangers of certain drugs being available online. However, street drugs like ecstasy are continuing to cause big problems too…. Read more


Individual Therapy For Addiction In Hampshire

In order to beat any addiction, therapy of some kind is usually needed. This is because addiction is often driven by psychological problems, along with the issues of physical withdrawal. Without emotional support, an addict is vulnerable to relapsing. Why undertake individual therapy in Hampshire? Because addiction is a highly personal and individual problem, driven… Read more


10 Sobering Facts About Alcohol Addiction

Are you looking for treatment for alcohol addiction in Berkshire? At Addiction Care, this is one of the most serious problems that we help people tackle. Affecting roughly 4% of women and 9% of men, the consequences of this addiction can be devastating. Here are 10 reasons that alcohol addiction needs to be addressed. It… Read more


Fight Back Against Alcohol Addiction In Surrey

Alcoholism can turn somebody in a person that’s unrecognisable to who they normally are. It’s well known to make people more violent, reduces someone’s cognitive abilities, and impairs their judgement. It’s also well-known to have a terrible effect on the body. Long term drinking can damage your heart, take its toll on your liver and… Read more


Help With Drug Addiction In Hampshire

Drug addiction is a brain disease that causes compulsive behaviour and leads to harmful consequences, both to the addict and those around them. Unfortunately, nowadays, this doesn’t just include addiction to harder drugs like heroin or cocaine, but is often an addiction to prescriptive drugs like sleeping pills and codeine. This is an increasingly common… Read more


Alcohol Addiction Treatment In Berkshire

Alcohol is one of the most common addictions, and one of the most destructive- for both the sufferer and those around them. With millions of men, in particular, consuming 14 units a week, experts even think there should be warnings on bottles. New guidance recommendations have already lowered the limit for men from 21 to… Read more


Addiction Treatment In Hampshire

Do you want to break free from addiction in Hampshire? Addiction is an extremely lonely place and at its worst can destroy lives. It can also take many different forms beyond the most well-known problems of drugs and alcohol: sex, video games, food, exercise, work and gambling, to name just a few. In America, it… Read more


1-1 Therapy For Those In Berkshire

Addiction take many different forms and affects all kinds of people. Although the most well-known addictions are drugs, alcohol and gambling, there is growing concern over the prevalence of internet addiction and those addicted to online gaming. The latter in particular is linked to depression, OCD and attention deficit disorder. It’s especially considered to be… Read more


Drug Addiction Treatment In Guildford

Want to break free from addiction in Guildford? Did you know, children who grow up in homes where drugs and alcohol are abused, often suffer from addictions themselves? However, no single factor dooms anyone to a life of drug addiction. But there’s no doubt understanding the risks can often make a difference. According to one… Read more


Individual Therapy In Guildford

Did you know, it’s been Depression Awareness week between 18th and 24th April? As we know at Addiction Care, depression is one of the main consequences of addiction. Do you require individual therapy for addiction problems? If you live near Guildford, then Addiction Care want to help you. Our professional counsellors provide both individual and… Read more


Suffering From Drug Related Problems In Berkshire?

Do you require help with drug addiction in Berkshire? Drug addiction is an extremely complex disease, with equally complex roots. More often than not it is a symptom of a painful past or emotional problems. Only recently Barack Obama commented how it should be treated as a health problem: not a criminal offence. The US… Read more


Alcohol Addiction Treatment In Hampshire

Are you suffering from a problem with alcohol? Do you live in Hampshire? Alcohol has such a presence in our everyday lives, you can forget it’s both physically and psychologically addictive- like most drugs. Almost everyone has a drink at some point; it’s part of our social lives and therefore much more likely to go… Read more


Sex On The Brain In Surrey?

Sex makes us feel good, so it’s not surprising it can be addictive. In fact, this addiction is actually similar to substance abuse, as powerful chemical substances are released during sex, in particular endorphins. Although it’s not currently a diagnosable condition, research suggests that perverse sexual behaviour is indeed similar to chemical addiction. The counselling… Read more


Conquer Your Drug Addiction In 2016

Tackling a complex problem like drug addiction might be hard, but it is possible. And it’s always worth it. Misuse of drugs not only damages your health; it has a devastating effect on your family life, your work and on wider society. Whether or not someone seeks help often means the difference between life and… Read more


Addiction Treatment In Hampshire

Do you require professional counselling for addiction? Are you based in Hampshire? Whether it’s drugs, alcohol or sex, if any addiction causes you harm, it’s time to seek help. Often the effects of addiction can be absolutely devastating and far reaching. And it’s not just well-known Class A drugs like heroin or cocaine, which are… Read more


Counselling For Sex Addiction In Surrey

Is your sex life negatively impacting your life? The term ‘sex addiction’ is used to describe any sexual activity which feels out of control- it doesn’t necessarily mean having lots of sex. As long as you still feel in control of your habit and it’s not harming you or other people, then outside help usually… Read more


Gambling Treatment In Berkshire

Gambling unfortunately still has a glamorous image, thanks to its association with James Bond and gangster films. Like many addictive habits, it is fine in moderation, but can end up causing problems when done in excess. When someone is addicted to gambling, it can destroy their financial security not to mention their relationships. With virtual… Read more


Help With Compulsive Overeating In Berkshire

Did you know, it’s currently Eating Disorders Awareness week? Organised by Beat, this international aware events helps to fight myths and misunderstandings surrounding eating disorders. Last year, a report published by Beat found that 50% of those suffering from such disorders are affected by binge eating. Compulsive overeating in a growing problem in modern society,… Read more


1-1 Therapy In Guildford

Are you looking for help with addiction in Surrey, Hampshire or Berkshire? Based in Guildford, Addiction Care help a wide variety of clients, including those suffering from alcohol or drug addiction. We offer 1-1 therapy to clients suffering from many different types of addiction. At Addiction Care, we understand that addiction doesn’t discriminate- it affects… Read more


Gambling Treatment In Surrey

Gambling is one of the easiest addictions to understand. After all, who doesn’t get a buzz from a potential win? How many of us have bought a lottery ticket, or tried out a slot machine? The anticipation and thrill of the game gives a quick and easy source of adrenaline. However, when it’s out of… Read more


Suffering From Sexual Addiction?

Are you looking to find treatment for sex addiction in Surrey? This type of addiction can be one of the hardest to break, as it can feel a part of who you are. While drugs and alcohol aren’t integral parts of us, our sexuality certainly is. There’s also no denying that sex is everywhere in… Read more


Sex Treatment In Guildford

Sex: the mere word is enough to bring anyone to attention. In the media, it’s permeates everything, from movies to magazine advertising and TV shows. If you suffer from prurient thoughts and it’s overtaking your life, and even affecting your relationships, you might need sex addiction treatment. Sex addiction and ‘love addiction’ are closely linked,… Read more


Find One To One Therapy In Surrey

When it comes to addiction, one-to-one therapy is often the most effective. For many people, it can be traumatic sharing your experiences with a group. One-to-one therapy applies a more individualised approach, which explores your own unique issues in depth. At Addiction Care, we provide personalised treatment to suit every client, with 1 to 1… Read more


Drug Addiction Treatment In Guildford

Drug addiction is a complex disease, involving both psychological and physical triggers. Quitting, therefore, takes more than just will power; but it’s always worth it. Over time, addiction can tear through someone’s life, wracking havoc on their relationships, work commitments and general health. And all too often, it ends in tragedy. With more deaths linked… Read more


Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Surrey

Unfortunately, alcohol addiction doesn’t just affect the individual, but the whole family, relationships, work colleagues, and more. And it not only affects your personal relationships. Without treatment, alcohol dependence can lead to long-term problems with your health, having been linked to any number of diseases, including cirrhosis and liver failure. Many people binge drink during… Read more


Alcohol Treatment In Hampshire

Alcohol abuse means you continue drinking, even when it’s causing problems, whether with your relationships, career or any other area of your life. Although people take drug addiction seriously, alcohol is more socially acceptable, despite long-term and heavy drinking being linked to serious health problems. In particular, the emotionally dependent alcoholic is particularly hard to… Read more


Alcohol Treatment In Berkshire

At this time of year, a heavy drinker can often go unnoticed. From Christmas parties to New Year’s Eve, everybody tends to binge on booze at this time of year. But for most people, the over-drinking stops once the parties are over. Do you suffer from a problem with alcohol? Signs of alcohol abuse often… Read more


Help With Drug Addiction In Hampshire

For many people on the outside, it can be hard to understand drug addiction. Although they know drugs can make people feel good, it’s hard to comprehend why someone would sacrifice their life to them. From your job to your relationships, everything can be destroyed in the wake of drug addiction. However, once someone’s in… Read more


Sex Help In Surrey

Do you need sexual addiction help in Surrey? Described as a ‘progressive intimacy disorder’, characterised by compulsive sexual thoughts or acts, this addiction can have extremely negative consequences. With online pornography more accessible than ever, along with chat rooms, cyber-sex and online dating, it’s no wonder it’s a growing problem in the modern world. Sexual… Read more


Food Addiction Help In Surrey

For those with problems related to food, Christmas can be a truly hellish period. In particular, it’s extremely easy to over-indulge at this time of year, when everybody is offering you chocolate, sweets and Turkey sandwiches. If you have a genuine problem with food, don’t wait until the New Year to seek help. Food addiction… Read more


Gaming Addiction Treatment Surrey

Gaming addiction is often taken most seriously by parents, who see how much time that it robs from their children. Especially if it interferes with their studies. However, it can affect people of all ages. Gaming offers the kind of escapism that many seek from the difficulties of the modern world. However, it has a… Read more


Alcohol Treatment Hampshire

Did you know, it’s currently Alcohol Awareness Week? During this time there’s a number of local and national campaigns revolving around alcohol. For those who have trouble with alcohol addiction, it can be a sobering reminder of its ill effects. At this time of year, alcohol consumption usually goes through the roof, and it can… Read more


Do You Need Sex Help In Berkshire

Sex on the brain? The societal obsession with sex is nothing new; in fact it’s safe to say it has spanned most of human history. But an addiction to sexual activity has only recently been recognized as a problem. Like drugs and gambling, sex makes us feel good; it releases powerful feel-good chemicals that enhance… Read more


Alcohol Treatment In Berkshire

Drinking becomes more common at this time of year. From Bonfire Night parties to Christmas meals, everybody from teenagers to adults are partying much more, which inevitably involves more beer, wine or cocktails. More than any other time of year, heavy drinking becomes more socially acceptable. It is strongly associated with having a good time,… Read more