Treatment For Sex Addiction In Guildford

Has an addiction to sexual activities taken over your life? If you’re based in Guildford, our highly experienced counsellor is keen to help.

Sex addiction can take many different forms, from having multiple affairs to being addicted to cybersex or visiting prostitutes.

Sex is also everywhere in popular culture: from online pornography to salacious advertising. Long gone are the days when porn was restricted to top-shelf magazines.

A healthy sexual appetite isn’t a problem, but when sex dominates your life and ruins relationships, this is when it can be termed an addiction. Sexual addiction often leads to someone leading a double life, whether having affairs or constantly watching porn to the point where it ruins your relationship.

Constantly seeking sex outside a relationship often means there’s underlying issues to confront.

Do you need treatment for sex addiction in Guildford?

Addiction Care offer treatment for all kinds of addiction, including sex and co-dependency in relationships. Counselling can help you enjoy sex and relationships with healthy boundaries.

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