Do You Need Alcohol Treatment Berkshire?

Quite often, alcoholism isn’t as obvious as you might think. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you wake up each morning and have a drink, but there are various tell-tale signs that you might have a problem.

If you can’t go out for a simple lunch with friends without having a drink, even if no-one else is or you are drinking most evenings and weekends, you may have a problem. Quite often, alcoholism can start subtly but then become a problem. It may be that you’ve lost partners and friends because of the effects of your alcohol intake and this is where we can help.

What we do

At Addiction Care, we work together with you to understand what issues might be causing your alcohol problems. In most cases, there will be underlying problems. For instance, it may be that you have experienced alcohol related trauma in your life or that you are using alcohol as a crutch to deal with emotions. Whatever the reasons may be, we will help get you back on track, by helping you abstain from alcohol, so you can enjoy a brighter and more fulfilling life.

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To find out more about our alcohol treatment, you can speak to us on 01483 533 808.

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