1-1 Addiction Programmes in Guildford

Are you worried that you have a problem with gambling or are you concerned for a loved one or family member? Gambling addictions have been well publicised in the media with the availability to gamble 24-7 through the internet. There are also the fixed-odds betting machines on the high-street which have been referred to being just as addictive as a physical addiction to drugs or alcohol.

To-date, I have helped my patients throughout Guildford and the local area who have hit crisis points with their addiction to gambling. I offer 1-1 addiction treatment programmes where I will work with you directly and help you recover from your addiction. Recovery is possible and whilst at the moment you may feel like you are in a terrible place, by working with me, I will help you get your life back into your control, no longer will you be controlled by your addiction to gambling.

An addiction to gambling is no different to an addiction to a substance in the respect that there will be an underlying issue as to why your gambling has become a problem. I will help you realise why you have become addicted and we will resolve those issues together. Through my treatment programme, you will learn the required strategies to avoid gambling and to control the feeling of the need and desire to gamble.

If you would like more information about the gambling 1-1 addiction programmes in Guildford I provide, please call me on 01483 533 808. I am here to help and I look forward to assisting you.