One to One Therapy for Addiction in Guildford

‘No one is immune from addiction; it afflicts people of all ages, races, classes and professions.’

(Patrick J. Kennedy).

The roots of addiction are complex, varied and usually both physical and psychological. The causes also depend on the individual, which is why one-to-one therapy is so effective.

The reasons drug addiction is so hard to overcome is because habits become engrained in the neural pathways of our brain. As a result, drug and alcohol addiction can literally ruin lives; among often problems, it is both a cause and driving factor of homelessness.

Therapy can help people suffering from all kinds of addiction.

In today’s world, people seek therapy for all kinds of addiction, including individuals who can’t stop compulsively overeating. This has become an ever-growing problem in the modern world. Some experts have even defined sugar as the world’s popular drug, with food addiction one of those problems that begins early in childhood.  Unfortunately, we often don’t discover the withdrawal effects of sugar, because we don’t go long enough without it to experience it.

Where can I find one-to-one therapy in Guildford?

Addiction Care offer one-to-one-therapy for individuals suffering from a wide range of addictions in Guildford, including compulsive overeating, drugs and alcohol, gambling, sex, internet and computer games, and co-dependency.

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