Harley Street 1-1 Drugs Treatment

Having an addiction to drugs will negatively affect your life along with the lives of your family and friends. However, whilst you are likely to be aware of this, without the correct support to help overcome your addiction to drugs, recovery can be extremely difficult. Here at Addiction Care, I have many years of experience with helping my patients recover from drug addictions. Having spent many years providing 1-1 treatment programmes in Guildford and the surrounding area, I noticed a large proportion of my patients were from London. As a result of this, I am now able to offer 1-1 drugs treatment programmes in Harley Street to better accommodate my patients in London.

Whether we are having our treatment programmes in Guildford or in Harley Street, how I work never changes. My 1-1 drugs treatment programmes are patient centred. I help you discover why you have an addiction to an unhealthy and damaging activity. Once we have discovered why drugs have entered and stayed in your life and resolved those issues, recovery can begin.

If you would like more information or to book your first Harley Street 1-1 drugs treatment session with me, please contact me directly on 01483 533808.