Berkshire Gaming Addiction Treatment

Since the rise of the technological age, where we now have the internet and gaming at our fingertips, in the form of mobile devices, consoles and desktops, here at Addiction Care, we have seen a vast rise of patients who are suffering from a gaming and internet addiction. This type of addiction is as serious as any other, whereby, the person in the grip of a gaming addiction will become isolated and their lives will be affected in a negative way. This could include, problems at work due to tiredness or not turning up at all and family tension due to isolating yourself to your mobile or gaming device. If you have hit a crisis point and realised that you do in fact have a gaming addiction which is affecting your behaviour and your relationships, then we can help.

There is a misconception that a gaming addiction is one that only affects children and teenagers, we have found this to certainly not be the case. Like all addictions, gaming addiction has no prejudice, it can affect men and women of all ages. We can help, we have carefully crafted gaming addiction treatment programmes to help you overcome your addiction to gaming and put your life back in your control.

For more information about our Berkshire gaming addiction treatment programmes or to arrange an initial consultation with us, please contact our team on 01438 533808. We are here to help.