Professional Help For Food Addiction In Surrey

Do you worry you have a compulsive eating disorder in Surrey?

We all love food but, unfortunately, obesity is one of the most prevalent problems in the western world.

In the UK alone over 32 million people are overweight and more than a third of children are considered obese once they leave primary school. These are scary statistics and it suggests that an addiction to food is a reflection of a much deeper problem.

With overeating, it’s not so much the foods themselves as the process of eating which is addictive. Many people zone out and find it relaxing when they’re eating.

In this regard, it’s what’s known as a psychological compulsion and falls under the category of a behavioural addiction. Overeating is often a way to compensate for something that’s missing and, although it’s enjoyable at the time, afterwards it can be be draining emotionally, mentally and physically.

Bulimia is another way of using food to deal with stress or anxiety; like over-eating it causes the sufferer to feel guilt and shame afterwards. It can lead to problems in your wider life, such as avoiding social events, compulsive body buildings or periods of food restrictions.

If you need help for problems with food in Surrey, look towards Addiction Care for a caring and compassionate approach to issues with bulimia or overeating.