Family Programme

I have designed a family programme to offer education and support to families who are affected by someone that is living under the influence of an addiction.

For family and friends, watching the person they care about sink deeper into the quicksand of addiction can be heart-wrenching. They can see all too clearly what’s going on but feel powerless to help. I understand how exhausting, distressing and frightening this can be. Unlike the using addict, the family member has nothing to take away this emotional pain. Many family members feel confused and in need of support, advice and solutions.  This is why I have designed and offer the family programme.

The family programme offers the support you need to maintain your own health and sanity. It provides the tools to detach “with love” from the manipulation and deceit of a person still entrenched in their addiction.

I explain addiction and its consequences to you by means of short lectures. The programme lasts for eight weeks, one session a week each session lasting for 60 minutes.

Sample Lectures: Addiction, Family & Addiction, Effects on the Family, Breaking Patterns, Caretakers & Carers, Enabling, Boundaries, In the Event of a Relapse & a family educational DVD.