Gaming Addiction Treatment Berkshire

Look no further for gaming addiction treatment in Berkshire 

The world of gaming can be a captivating place to live. It can provide a place of solace, peace and understanding that you may not have had in the outside world. Whilst it may provide you with the privacy and escape that you need from your life, it can quickly overtake from reality and consume you. If you feel that you’re facing a gaming addiction and are ready to confront the issue, we are here to help.

Here at Addiction Care we are here to provide gaming addiction treatment in Surrey and the surrounding areas. We specialise in addiction help in Berkshire, meaning we can provide a 1-1 therapy service in Berkshire and beyond.

With our help you can talk about your addition in complete privacy and confidence. Our counselling involves no judgment, complete understanding and platform for you to talk about how your addiction evolved.  With us, we can work together on finding a new way to live your life without being dependant on your addiction.

You won’t need to feel alone any longer with our individual therapy in Berkshire. To book an appointment, fill out the contact form on our website.