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My name is Peter and I founded Addiction Care.

I know what it’s like for people when addiction has them in its grip. I also know what it’s like for families and friends, at their wits’ end wondering what on earth they can do to help.

Unchecked, Addiction can rampage through every aspect of someone’s life. The people you love, the things you love doing – that’s what’s at risk.

The fact that you’re reading this means there may be a problem – but there is hope. You can stop Addiction dead in its tracks. If and when you are ready.

Addiction worms its way into someone’s life by pretending to be a friend. It makes lovely promises but none of them come true. It keeps telling you, again and again, how it’s helping you, how you will never manage without it. These are lies. Addiction has been holding you back – and when you kick it out of your life you won’t believe how good you can feel again.

Call me now to book a Confidential Assessment so we can talk it through. I’ve been doing this work for 18 years and I know that I can help you.