Conquer Drug Addiction In Surrey

It can feel like a drug is there for you when nobody else is, even when the whole world turns it back on you. But unfortunately, like alcohol, it can be secretly destroying your life at the same time, often without you fully realising it.

Drug addiction is often a way of masking emotional pain, which is one of the reasons it’s so tricky to treat. It’s usually individuals who use drugs as a coping mechanism that end up being addicted.

Harder drugs can disrupt the way nerve cells work, either by imitating the brain’s natural messengers or overstimulating the reward circuit of the brain. When seeking treatment, it’s important to deal with both the physical and emotional reliance on a drug.

Loved-ones can suffer greatly because of an addict’s behaviour, and they often struggle to convince someone they have a problem. Like many addictions, it’s only when the person admits they needs help that any progress is made.

Are you based in Surrey, and seeking professional treatment for drug problems?

For professional help with drug addiction in Surrey, contact Addiction Care based in Guildford, Surrey. Our accredited addiction counsellor is keen to provide the support you need to move forward in 2017.

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