Professional Counselling For Drug Addiction In Guildford

Are you based in Guildford and seeking help for a drug problem?

As you’ll probably aware, an addiction to drugs isn’t just relevant to Class A substances. In fact, there is a growing epidemic of people hooked on drugs prescribed by their doctor.

One survey has suggested that over a quarter of a million patients are addicted to prescription drugs, often because the withdrawal is so difficult. Because the government prioritise treatment for illegal drugs, finding help for this kind of addiction is doubly difficult. Funding to addiction services has also been slashed by 30%.

Whatever kind of drug addiction you’re suffering from, Addiction Care are keen to help move your life forward.

As is often the case with this type of treatment, we look to help addicts to face the consequences of using drugs. We find clients are often in denial over how bad their circumstances have become, which is an important stage to overcome.

Once a client is drug-free we work through the factors driving their addiction. This is absolutely vital when it comes to preventing relapse.

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