Treatment For Alcohol Problems In Hampshire

What drug is readily available in all supermarkets, socially acceptable, legal and affordable, but can lead to a wide range of long-term health conditions? The answer of course is alcohol, which can lead to one of the worst kinds of addiction.

Addiction has recently been described as the ‘no-man’s land between mental illness and bad behaviour’; a description which can certainly apply to drink. Alcoholism has a strong link to many mental health conditions like depression.

However, it can also occur for a wide range of other reasons, ranging from having an addictive personality through to a difficult family background.

Are you concerned that you or someone you love has a problem with drink?

If you’re searching for treatment for alcohol addiction in Surrey or Hampshire, look towards Addiction Care for 1-1 counselling.

We will work with you to help you face the addiction, finding the root causes that are preventing you from breaking free. Our accredited addiction counsellor can help you explore the emotional triggers which are fuelling your addiction.

Since our clinic is based in Guildford, it is easily accessible to clients based in Hampshire.

If you’re searching for counselling for alcohol addition, find out more about our treatment in Surrey.