Treatment for Sex Addiction in Hampshire

What is sex addiction? Are how can I seek help for this problem in Hampshire?

Any sexual activity that feels out of control can be considered a form of sex addiction. It’s nothing to do with having a high sex drive; instead, it’s related to when sexual activities have a negative impact on your life.

Used for advertising and marketing, and to increase TV viewing figures, sexual imagery can be hard to escape. And while the advertising of cigarettes has been banned, a sex addict can rarely escape erotic images.

It’s hardly surprising that this kind of addiction can escalate easily.

Why are certain sexual activities so addictive?

Sexual activities shut down the emotional parts of the brain by focusing on the physical, so it can be a form of escapism.

With the easy access of pornography, there is a growing number of people who find it hard to control sexual urges- even if it puts their relationship at risk.

Whether your relationship has been ruined by sexual infidelity or you can’t control your sexual urges, you might need treatment.

Are you looking for treatment for sex addiction in Hampshire?

At Addiction Care, we provide personalised treatment to suit each individual client. We regularly attract clients in Hampshire, who come to our clinic in nearby Guilford.