1-to-1 Treatment for Addiction in Hampshire

‘Before you can break out of prison, you must realise you are locked up.’


Is your life is dominated by an addiction to drugs? Or do you fail to form relationships because of an addiction to video games?

At its worst addiction can destroy lives, and it take many different forms beyond the most well-known problems of drugs and alcohol. In the US, it is estimated over 20 million adults are struggling with an addiction of some kind.

There is also a growing epidemic of those addicted to prescriptive drugs, particularly opiates.  Furthermore, the internet has exacerbated many common addictions, such as gambling, compulsive over-spending or watching porn. An addiction to smart phones is also on the rise- with women apparently much more susceptible than men. A study has found that one in five young people are either addicted or ‘fanatical’ about their device.

If you’re looking for treatment for addiction in Hampshire, why not look towards the nearby town of Guildford?

Addiction Care offer one-to-one counselling for a range of problems, including alcohol and drug addictions. We can offer the support and encouragement to facilitate your journey to recovery.

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