Professional Help For Drug Addiction In Guildford

‘Drugs take you to hell, disguised as heaven.’

(Donald Lynn Frost).

Solving a multi-faceted problem like drug addiction might be hard; but with a combination of your own self-will and emotional support from a counsellor, it is always possible.

Drug addiction can not only damage your health but has a devastating effect on your relationships, your work and on wider society. Often an addict only seeks help when they reach a crisis point and can no longer deny the scale of their problem.

The five most addictive drugs in the world are heroin, cocaine, nicotine, barbiturates and alcohol, but there is also the growing problem of prescription drugs. Although people often associate drug addiction with Class A drugs, there is a growing number of people addicted to prescription drugs, including strong pain killers like codeine, which are not only dangerous but can be the gateway to harder substances.

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