Searching For Drug Addiction Treatment In Berkshire?

Are you worried someone you love has a problem with drugs? If you’re searching for treatment in Berkshire, Addiction Care are keen to welcome you to our clinic in Guildford.

Drug addiction is a complex disease and for those who have never experienced it, it can be frustrating and hard to understand.

From the outside, all many people see is the negative consequences and wonder why their loved-one doesn’t just quit. Friends and family often feel completely helpless as they watch someone they love spiralling downwards.

Part of the reason drug addiction is so hard to treat is it has both physical and emotional causes. Once a person is addicted, it changes the pathways in the brain and causes problems to both your mental and physical health; but the good news is both of these can be overcome.

Many people delay seeking help for drug addiction for a long time. This can be due to social stigmas, their fear of withdrawal or sheer denial of the scale of the problem.

As a consequence, many people don’t seek help until they reach crisis point.

Do you live in Berkshire and need help with drug problems?

Based in Guildford, Addiction Care can help you confront the reality of your addiction, get clean and address the underlying triggers behind the problem. Our team want to not only help you to achieve sobriety, but actively enjoy it.