Seeking Drug Addiction Treatment In Surrey?

Drug addiction is considered by many to be a disease; this is because it eventually changes the structure and functioning of the brain.

Although it’s the addict that takes the initial decision to consume drugs, the addiction which follows affects self-control and prevents people making sound decisions. This is because drugs affect the communication system in the body, including the way we send, receive and process information. In particular it’s changes those parts of the brain that are critical for judgement, decision-making and behaviour control.

Some drugs, like heroin or cannabis, even have similar structures to natural neurotransmitters in the brain. Because of this similarity they ‘fool’ the brain into sending abnormal messages. The part of your brain that they most affect is ‘the reward system’ as your body eventually adapts to the drugs.

It’s also not uncommon for somebody to relapse when they come off drugs. But this merely means that they might need to try a different approach.

Get the help for drug addiction in Surrey.

If you’re suffering from drug addiction and need treatment in Surrey, consider our accredited counsellor in Guildford. Based in the heart of Surrey, our clinic offers a friendly and supportive place to overcome drug addiction, and get the treatment that you need.

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