Help For Addiction In Hampshire

‘Every addiction arises from an unconscious refusal to face and move through one’s pain.’

Eckhart Tolle.

Are you suffering from drug or alcohol addiction in Hampshire, and need help?

If you’re struggling from problems with addiction, nobody needs to tell you tough that is- the chances are that you already know that.

However, often it takes a crisis to make somebody realise that they finally need help. No matter how lonely, vulnerable or hopeless you feel, there is always a way to create a new chapter in your life. However, in order to start this journey towards recovery, you must have the courage and resolve.

Addiction doesn’t just cause suffering to you, but to everybody that cares about you. But you do have the power to leave such problems behind you.

Why choose Addiction Care if you’re based in Hampshire?

Since our clinic is based in Guildford, we regularly attract customers from Hampshire. Our personalised treatment is tailored to suit every individual client. No matter what’s driving your addiction, we’ll help you both confront and learn to cope with the emotional triggers.

To get in touch in Hampshire, simply call 01483 533 808.