Fight Back Against Alcohol Addiction In Surrey

Alcoholism can turn somebody in a person that’s unrecognisable to who they normally are. It’s well known to make people more violent, reduces someone’s cognitive abilities, and impairs their judgement.

It’s also well-known to have a terrible effect on the body. Long term drinking can damage your heart, take its toll on your liver and will increase your risk of developing certain types of cancer, including cancer of the liver.

However, unlike other drugs, alcohol is writ large in our culture. It’s much more socially acceptable than smoking cannabis or even nicotine.

Although heavy drinking is associated with teenagers, this isn’t necessarily always the case. Unfortunately, alcohol abuse has been growing among adults over 50, with an estimated 17% of people misusing alcohol or prescription drugs. Many young people also use it to self-medicate; particularly when suffering from every day stress.

If you’re concerned that you might be suffering from alcohol addiction, and you live in Hampshire, pay a visit to Addiction Care. Our friendly counsellor welcomes people of all ages, suffering from alcohol or drug addiction in Surrey or Hampshire.

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