Help With Drug Addiction In Hampshire

Drug addiction is a brain disease that causes compulsive behaviour and leads to harmful consequences, both to the addict and those around them.

Unfortunately, nowadays, this doesn’t just include addiction to harder drugs like heroin or cocaine, but is often an addiction to prescriptive drugs like sleeping pills and codeine. This is an increasingly common problem in the both the UK and America.

Drug addiction is often a way of blotting out emotional pain, which is why it can be difficult to treat. While others only use them for recreational use, many people use drugs as a coping mechanism. Friends and family often suffer greatly due to an addict’s behaviour, despite wanting to help and support them.

It’s also problematic because many drugs disrupt the way nerve cells work, either by imitating the brain’s natural messengers or by overstimulating the reward circuit of the brain. That means you have to tackle both the physical and emotional reliance on the drug. But one thing is for sure: with the right support, drug addiction can be cured.

Are you based in Hampshire, and concerned about your addiction?

It’s been proven that a combination of counselling and addiction treatment medication is the most effective way to tackle drug addiction. If you require help with addiction in Hampshire, contact Addiction Care in Guildford, Surrey. Our accredited addiction counsellor will help you reclaim your life in 2016.

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