Drug Addiction Treatment In Guildford

Want to break free from addiction in Guildford?

Did you know, children who grow up in homes where drugs and alcohol are abused, often suffer from addictions themselves? However, no single factor dooms anyone to a life of drug addiction. But there’s no doubt understanding the risks can often make a difference.

According to one survey in 2014, drug use has actually been on the rise in the UK. The survey published in The Guardian showed that 40% were in the ‘higher echelons of society’, proving that drugs aren’t always linked to poverty. It also discovered that nearly one in three adults have taken illegal drugs at some point. However, of course, not all these led to addiction.

Prescription drugs are also a growing problem along with strong pain killers, which can be bought in any supermarket.

The causes of drug addiction are extremely complex and depend on the individual, which is why personalised treatment is so important. At Addiction Care in Guildford, we help all sorts of people conquer their drug addiction, including 1-1 therapy or group therapy

Our treatment focuses on both confronting and understanding your addiction, by exploring its roots. These includes exploring the issues which drive your addiction.

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