Individual Therapy In Guildford

Did you know, it’s been Depression Awareness week between 18th and 24th April? As we know at Addiction Care, depression is one of the main consequences of addiction.

Do you require individual therapy for addiction problems?

If you live near Guildford, then Addiction Care want to help you. Our professional counsellors provide both individual and group therapy for people suffering from many kinds of addiction, including alcohol, drugs, sex, gaming, co-dependency, spending, work and the internet.

Our individual therapy can help you confront such problems, before exploring the underlying causes which drive your addiction. We can help clients accept the reality of a situation, and make them fully aware of the consequences of their addiction. This doesn’t involve pointing fingers or making anyone feel guilty; it’s simply about taking responsilibity for your own life.  After all, many experts agree that addiction is largely an illness and not a character flaw.

Our aim is to support, facilitate and encourage your journey towards recovery. You can choose between 1 to 1 therapy and group therapy at our centre in Guildford. We’ll help move from this lonely place, to somewhere better in 2016.

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