Where To Find Drug Help In Berkshire

Finding help for drug addiction is an important step. First and foremost, it means admitting that you have a problem. Too often, denial stops many people from moving forward. This is particularly true when it comes to prescription drugs. Since they’re legal and more acceptable, this is a growing problem. Long term use of Valium or codeine, for instance, is just as detrimental.

While some people can use drugs recreationally, others suffer from addictive tendencies.

Since they affect the brain, drugs and mental health are closely linked. We take drugs because we feel bad; they then alter our brain chemistry and make us dependent. Then we take more, because we feel even worse, until it becomes a coping mechanism.  It’s a vicious cycle that must be broken.

Are you looking where to find drug help? If you’re in the county of Berkshire, pay a visit to Addiction Care. Since we’re in Guildford, our services are perfect for clients in Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire.

We will explore the underlying issues driving your addiction. Emotional pain is often numbed by drugs. By confronting these issues, you are less likely to relapse.

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