Treatment For Food Addiction In Surrey & Berkshire

Eating disorders are unfortunately on the increase in the UK, and they don’t just affect girls. In particular, social media has been blamed for fuelling unhealthy eating habits. According to the charity Beat, 725,000 people suffer from an eating disorder in the UK, with a majority suffering from anorexia or bulimia.

Bulimics can unfortunately often hide their habits, which can have extremely devastating effects. If you have bulimia, you often appear to have a healthy appetite, and the problems are usually behind closed doors.

Overeating in modern society.

In the modern age, there are also big problems with compulsive overeating, sometimes known as ‘food addiction’. This problem is even harder to detect, even though it causes shame, guilt, depression and isolation. It can also have a huge effect on your confidence, especially if your weight becomes a problem.

If you’re seeking treatment for problems with food, and are in Berkshire, consider our counsellor in Guildford. Our Accredited Addiction Counsellor can help you recover from food addiction, and recover your self-esteem at the same time.

Our treatment includes helping you look closer at denial, and therefore create a better picture of the reality of the situation.

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