Treatment For Addiction In Guildford

In the modern age, addiction to prescription drugs can be as problematic as an addiction to illegal drugs, like heroin. According to a study in The New Scientist, there are thousands hooked on strong painkillers, with experts calling the epidemic ‘a public health disaster.’

Addiction takes many different forms, and it’s not just drugs and alcohol. Some of the growing problems of the 21st century include internet addiction and those hooked on video games- a habit that is often used as a form of escapism.

Are you suffering from problems with addiction in Guildford?

At Addiction Care, we provide professional treatment for anyone suffering from the wrath of addiction. We are based in Guildford itself, making us ideal for anybody based in Surrey.

Our expert counsellor understands how lonely, demoralising and life-destroying problems with addiction can be. Contrary to popular misconception, addiction affects people from all kinds of backgrounds and with many different problems and life experiences. It is not something that is only out there on the streets, but behind the closed doors of seemingly ordinary households.

With our individual counselling and support, we can help you move past the stage of denial, onto a full and complete recovery.

Discover more about our treatment for addiction in Guildford.

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