Surrey 1-1 Drinking support


Whether you are physically dependent on alcohol consumption or you are emotionally dependent on alcohol, you may feel like you are completely alone with your problem or you may have only recently been made aware of the severity of your addiction to alcohol. However, alcohol is one of the most common addictions I treat here at Addiction Care. Alcohol is a drug and as such an addictive substance which is readily available on the high-street. It can be quite shocking how quickly an addiction to alcohol can manifest itself but the important thing to remember is that recovery is certainly achievable.

When in the grips of an addiction to alcohol, it not only causes massive physical and mental health issues for you, it will also be affecting the people you love. I am here to make you realise the severity of the problem and help you discover why you started to drink in the first place. Once we have resolved those issues, we can then implement the strategies needed for you to recover.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me today if you have any questions about the Surrey 1-1 drinking support I provide. You can call me on 01483 533808 and I am here to provide the help and treatment you need to recover from your addiction to alcohol and get your life back on track.