Suffering From Sexual Addiction?

Are you looking to find treatment for sex addiction in Surrey?

This type of addiction can be one of the hardest to break, as it can feel a part of who you are. While drugs and alcohol aren’t integral parts of us, our sexuality certainly is.

There’s also no denying that sex is everywhere in popular culture, from hot-and-heavy movies to millions of pornography videos online. Gone are the days when anyone had to buy top-shelf magazines to get their fix.

A healthy sexual appetite isn’t a problem, but when sex dominated your life and even ruins relationships, this is when it’s time to seek help. Sexual addiction often leads to someone leading a double life, whether having affairs or constantly looking for sexual material, either online or elsewhere. Constantly seeking sex outside a relationship often means there’s underlying issues to confront.

Some people even up in legal trouble due to their sexual urges.

For expert help for sexual addiction in Surrey, our team are always keen to help. Addiction Care are based in Guildford, Surrey, and provide specialist treatment for a wide range of addictions, including those related to sex.

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