Sex Treatment In Guildford

Sex: the mere word is enough to bring anyone to attention.

In the media, it’s permeates everything, from movies to magazine advertising and TV shows.

If you suffer from prurient thoughts and it’s overtaking your life, and even affecting your relationships, you might need sex addiction treatment.

Sex addiction and ‘love addiction’ are closely linked, but sex addiction mostly involves physical urges, whereas love addiction is about the emotional side of matters. However, since sex is also linked to intimacy, it’s often more complicated than that.  Although it isn’t a categorised mental health condition, many people find their sexual activities negatively affect their life. And that’s often when it’s time to seek help.

Sex addiction can be more than a need for sex itself, whether with casual partner, prostitutes or escorts; it can also involve a preoccupation with porn. This is growing problem as pornography is so readily available nowadays. All it takes is the click of a button, and you have access to thousands of videos.

For sex addiction treatment in Guildford, contact Addiction Care.

Our counsellors will help you address the underlying factors, driving your preoccupation with sex, helping you to re-establish healthy relationships.

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