Our Individual Therapy in Guildford

Addiction has been described as the only prison where the locks are on the inside. This type of problem often has origins in a person’s past; counselling is therefore often the best way to explore the root causes of addiction.

Why is individual therapy so effective?

We all know those famous scenes of group therapy in movies, where the person stands up and confesses to their inner demons. However, for a large number of people suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, it’s individual therapy that’s the most effective.

It helps to not only have somebody who understands addiction, but is non-judgemental, motivational and not emotionally involved with the rest of your life. While friends and relatives can support someone with addiction, without a counsellor it can feel like there’s no recourse when things get tough.

Therapy is widely considered essential for tackling any kind of addiction.  Since psychological and social factors play a big role in addiction, individual therapy can help you address these.

Do you want to start the journey to recovery in Guildford?

For individual therapy in Guildford, simply get in contact with Addiction Care. Our counsellor helps those from all walks of life, with many different problems.

Our individual therapy offers personalised treatments for anybody suffering from drug or alcohol addiction and other forms of addiction.

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