October 2023 – A Thought for Christmas Festivities.

The clocks are going back soon – Christmas will be here sooner rather than later. The pressure builds on people to over socialise, attend dinner parties, attend friend’s parties, attend business functions and works parties. Christmas and New Years Eve festivities.

For those with a problem around drink this time can be miserable. One drink normally leads to several and often to negative consequences. It’s hard to say no and to keep sober. If someone has a problem with alcohol and drinks alcoholically – then the first drink is the problem. The pressure during this time of year is that others not affected say “Just Have One” – someone with a problem with alcohol can’t – there is the problem!

This is not just true of people with alcohol problems – all addictions are the same.
Alcohol, Drugs, Gambling, Food, Pornography, and Co-dependency are all the same. For people with an Addictive Personality – “One is to many and a thousand never enough” – all have the problem. No matter whatever the drug of choice is.

My name is Peter. I am 21 years sober of a drink and 21 years clean of a drug. I specialise in helping clients in 1-1 Therapy – Face to Face or Zoom – explore their behaviours and look at how it affects them or their loved ones. I am passionate about helping and our sessions will, be completely private and confidential.

I work from the centre of Guildford and take pride in helping clients recover from their addictions. If you need counselling for an alcohol addiction or any other addiction get in contact today.

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