Looking For Help With Food Addiction In Hampshire?

Christmas time can be a difficult time if you suffer from compulsive overeating. From chocolate treats to jars of sweets, even those with normal eating habits overindulge in December.

Food addiction is one of the most difficult habits to recover from, because we’re surrounded by tempting food every day. A healthy appetite for food isn’t the problem; it’s when overeating leads to obesity, health problems and feelings of shame, guilt and depression.

Food addiction is often known as a psychological compulsion, and falls under the category of a ‘behavioural addiction’. It is often a way to compensate for something that’s missing, and is therefore very much linked to our emotions.

Bulimia is another way of using food to deal with stress or anxiety- like over-eating it causes the sufferer to feel guilt and shame afterwards.

For professional help for food addiction in Hampshire, consider Addiction Care which is based in nearby Guildford.

At Addiction Care we provide expert counselling for both over-eating and bulimia, for clients in Surrey and Hampshire. Our counselling beings with helping people confront their own denial, which is often the most difficult part.

If you’re in Hampshire, why not discover more about our counselling for food addiction?

Or contact us today on 01483 533808.

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