Food Treatment Local To Berkshire

Have you noticed that someone you care about has adopted an unhealthy relationship with food? The onset of illnesses such as over eating and bulimia can occur at any age because of an underlying cause and we want to help.

Although you may feel that you can help the person affected, eating disorders can be one of the hardest addictions to treat as we all need food to survive. Unlike an addiction to drugs or alcohol which can be completely removed from our lives, food cannot. Therefore, without professional help it’s likely that recovery will take a lot longer (if at all) and if recovery is gained then it may not be sustained.

What we do here at Addiction Care is we provide food treatment local to Berkshire to both the affected person and the family members of the person. To the person who needs the rehabilitation we will implement the required recovery programme. To the family or friends we can provide the education to help ensure that the person affected sustains the recovery once our time has finished.

To find out more about how we can help please contact the team at Addiction Care on 01483 533300 or email us at

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