Do You Need Treatment For Sex Addiction In Surrey?

Is sex constantly on your brain in Surrey? We bet we’ve got your attention already. Even the word ‘sex’ can be used to snap people to attention- that’s how potent it is.

On the surface it might seem that sex addiction isn’t dangerous; but for many people, it can end up destroying their most intimate relationships. This is especially difficult if you dream of long term commitment and starting a family, or already have a family that is at stake.

Many people who have repeated affairs always promise their partner they’ll change, despite finding it impossible to do so. Whether you’re addicted to one night stands and love the thrill of the chase, or you can’t stop watching porn, addiction to sexual activities can end up being extremely inimical.

Since this type of addiction is often secretive, the person can end up consumed by guilt and shame.

Our treatment for sex addiction is ideal for anyone in Surrey.

At Addiction Care, our counselling starts with helping clients understand that abstinence does not mean not having sex, or refraining from relationships. Far from it- it’s about having a healthy relationship with sex.

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