Do You Need Sex Help In Berkshire

Sex on the brain?

The societal obsession with sex is nothing new; in fact it’s safe to say it has spanned most of human history. But an addiction to sexual activity has only recently been recognized as a problem.

Like drugs and gambling, sex makes us feel good; it releases powerful feel-good chemicals that enhance our well-being. But what happens when our need for sex, like drugs, is filling an emotional hole? Or underlying problems? And what happens when we cannot maintain a relationship, because of it?

Someone addicted to sex cannot control their problems- much the same way an alcoholic can’t. Whether you’re addicted to sex itself, or pornography, masturbation, prostitutes or sex chat lines, the problem can prevent you having a long-term relationship. If you feel you can’t control your urges, then it could signify you need professional help.

Do you need sex help in Berkshire?

At Addiction Care, we are keen to help those suffering from sexual addiction, along with other problems like drugs, gambling, over-spending, co-dependency and much more.

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