Do You Need Sex Addiction Treatment In Berkshire?

Contrary to popular belief, addiction isn’t only confined to drugs and alcohol. Technically you can be addicted to anything that stimulates your reward system. Sugar, work, video games, sex…

What precisely is sex addiction?

Sex addiction means you involve yourself in compulsive activities, despite the fact they incur negative consequences. Whether it means you can’t stop having affairs, or watching pornography gets in the way of your personal life, it could mean you need treatment.

Sex is a wonderful, pleasurable, natural part of life. But it’s when compulsive behaviour causes you physical or psychological damage that it becomes a problem. If you’re addicted to having impulsive sexual encounters, for example, it can destroy the relationship with your partner. They can often end up feeling manipulated and rendered powerful by your behaviour.

Similarly, if you’re addicted to porn, it can stop you enjoying real sexual encounters.

How can I get help for sex addiction in Berkshire?

If you’re based in Berkshire and need treatment for sex addiction, Addiction Care have an experienced sex addiction therapist. Based in Guildford, we’re extremely close to a number of locations in Berkshire and Hampshire.

Discover more about our treatment for sex addiction.

Or give us a call on 01483 533808 .

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