Gaming Addiction Treatment In Hampshire

Do you have a problem with gaming addiction in Hampshire?

Internet and video game addiction is one of the fastest growing problems in the UK- and elsewhere in the world; in Japan, for example, there are boot camps for those with gaming addiction. Video games might offer escapism but this escapism can ultimately lead to a loss of fulfilment in the real world.

While gaming might not seem like a serious addiction, the ramifications are bigger than you think. Whether somebody fails their exams due to a gaming addiction, or it stops you having a social life, the consequences can actually be devastating. Part of the problem is that people don’t take gaming addiction seriously, even if somebody is glued to games all day. It can sap somebody of their motivation, and can compound social anxiety in the long term.

Like many addictive behaviour, gaming is fine in moderation; it’s when it takes over your life that it becomes a problem.

Our treatment in Hampshire is highly effective.

Treatment of gaming addiction begins with taking a look at the reality of the situation. With gaming addiction, this is often one of the most difficult steps. We can then help you face the problems that might be driving your addiction.

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