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Effective Treatment For Sex Addiction In Surrey

Addiction takes many different forms, and some people are surprised to find that includes sex. But when does sexual behaviour cross over into an addiction?

Although there is nothing wrong with a high libido, a preoccupation with sex shouldn’t take over your entire life. During sex addiction, a person often suffers compulsive sexual thoughts and acts. It isn’t only about being addicted to sex itself; it can be linked to pornography, masturbation, and visiting prostitutes or using sex lines.

An addiction to these types of activities can wrack havoc on relationships.

Sex addiction is described as an intimacy disorder and, like all addictions, can have a negative effect on your relationships.

Unsurprisingly, sex addicts often have long-term relationship and intimacy problems, even though it’s often the drive for intimacy that drives such an addiction.

Sex addiction can be hard to kick- especially since the media is flooded with sexual images and television shows- but it can be done.

Addiction Care regularly help clients from all over Surrey to fight against sex addiction.

Based in Guildford, Surrey, we provide one-to-one counselling which covers many types of addiction.

Our experienced sex addiction therapist can help you uncover the causes behind your addiction, explore its ramifications and help you develop alternative ways of thinking

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