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Conquer Addiction In Hampshire This Summer

The spotlight has been on the mental health recently, with Prince Harry relating how he had counselling following his mother’s death.

Like many other problems, addiction is an issue linked to mental health issues, like anxiety and depression. Often, the problems underlying addiction are the main driving forces behind it. And it’s not just related to drug and alcohol addiction, but problems like an addiction to the internet or video games, or gambling.

One snooker player recently admitted that a video game addiction damaged his career, harming both his professional and personal life. Meanwhile, adult smartphone addiction is on the rise, having a negative impact on people’s concentration spans.

While drug and alcohol addiction are the most well-known issues, this type of problem can take many different forms, which is why we help a range of problems at Addiction Care.

Our addiction treatment covers not only drug and alcohol problem, but addiction to activities like over-eating, video games and gambling. We attract clients from all over Hampshire and Surrey to our clinic in Guildford, where you can meet our accredited counsellor.

If you’re in Hampshire, why not give us a call today?

01483 533808.

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