Are You Looking For Sex Treatment In Guildford

Sex: it’s everywhere in today’s modern society. TV programmes and movies are surfeited with it, while advertising deploys it constantly to get attention. No wonder sex addiction is so hard to break. While advertising of cigarettes has been banned, a sex addict can rarely escape sexual imagery.

Since it often shuts down the emotional parts of the brain, by focusing on the physical, sex can be a form of escapism. With the easy access of pornography, there is a growing number of people who find it hard to control sexual urges, even if it puts their relationship at risk.

Sex addiction is defined by Relate as any sexual activity which feels out of control.  Whether your relationship has been ruined by sexual infidelity or you can’t control your sexual urges, you might need sex treatment.

Are you looking for sex treatment in Guildford?

At Addiction Care, we provide personalised treatment to suit each individual client. Based in Guildford itself, we’re ideal for anyone in Hampshire, Surrey or Berkshire. With our services, you will receive counselling from experienced Sex Addiction therapists.

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