Alcohol Treatment In Hampshire

Alcohol abuse means you continue drinking, even when it’s causing problems, whether with your relationships, career or any other area of your life. Although people take drug addiction seriously, alcohol is more socially acceptable, despite long-term and heavy drinking being linked to serious health problems.

In particular, the emotionally dependent alcoholic is particularly hard to pick out. Although consumption may not be obvious, alcohol is used to cope with everyday problems.

Many people associate the New Year with a fresh start, especially those looking to change their life. But the truth is, any time is the right time, for those looking for alcohol treatment.

Christmas and the run-up to the New Year, however, aren’t easy times to change your drinking habits. Everyone around you in drinking more, and the temptation is far greater- not to mention, people are less likely to notice over-drinking.

If you’re looking for treatment in Hampshire, Addiction Care are always here for you. Whether you have reached a point of crisis or your family advice you to seek help, our treatment is effective, supportive and explores the emotional triggers that drive your drinking.

Our clinic is in Guildford and perfect for those based in Surrey, Hampshire or Berkshire.

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