Addiction Help Guildford

The awful pandemic of Covid-19 has been extremely tough on everyone, not just in the UK but worldwide. I know that anyone who is having to face the difficulties that the last few months have presented along with having an addiction, or being in recovery is extremely challenging for you and your family. Covid-19 is something that is completely out of our control and as such if you are struggling with an addiction then this will also likely be magnified. However, I am here to help you at Addiction Care.

My name is Peter Davies and I own Addiction Care, based in Guildford. Since having recovered from an addiction myself, I can relate on a personal level to what you are experiencing and the challenges in front of you for recovery. I provide one-to-one addiction help and since starting out, I have assisted many people throughout Guildford, Surrey and London to recover from their addictions. Whether your addiction is to alcohol, drugs, sex, work, gaming or something different, there is no judgement. From the moment you come to me, I will help you gain control of your life and not have your addiction control your actions.

For more information or for a confidential chat, please call me on 01483 533 808. I am here to provide addiction help and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Look no further for addiction help in Guilford.