1-1 Therapy in Berkshire

Therapy is highly effective for a number of issues, particularly addiction. Since humans are highly social beings, talking is extremely effective at solving problems. It provides not only solace but helps to work out a way forward.

Many people believe therapy is absolutely essential in combating addiction. It gives you somewhere to go when you’re worried about relapse. It helps you deal with stress without feeling the need for alcohol or drugs to cope. Since many addicts suffer a strong chance of relapse, this could prove invaluable.

For 1-1 therapy in Berkshire, simply contact Addiction Care.

Based in Guildford, we’re keen to provide the support you need to overcome addiction. That includes alcohol or drug addiction, or other issues like gambling, overeating, sex addiction, video game addiction, and co-dependency.

Our philosophy is to support, facilitate and encourage to the road to recovery. Therapy focuses on first accepting the problem, then encouraging one to take responsibility. Sensitive but firm, we believe in providing a crucial shift in perspective. We believe, like many others, that addiction is an illness and not a personality flaw.

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