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Sex is both stimulating and rewarding, so it’s not surprising it can be addictive; in fact, this type of addiction is not entirely dissimilar to substance abuse as powerful chemical substances are released during sex, including a huge endorphin rush.

The causes of a sex addiction can stem from numerous roots, and the purpose of therapy is to help discover this and find a suitable way to tackle the addiction. It is commonly described as an ‘intimacy disorder’ and, like all addictions, can have a negative effect on both you and your family. If you feel like your sex addiction is taking over your life and you require 1-1 sex support in Shalford, I am here for you.

With me, you will receive 1-on-1 treatment to help you recover from your addiction and take back control of your life. My treatment programmes are patient-focused, which means that we will work together to understand why you have become addicted to sex in the first place.

Get help today from me by calling me on 01483 533808. I am here to help with my 1-1 addiction treatment programmes, and I look forward to helping you improve your current situation.