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Try my 1-1 help with stopping sex in Guildford

Although not as well-known as drug addiction or alcoholism, sex addiction can have devastating consequences.

Researchers say that this form of addiction is on the rise, partly due to porn being more accessible but also because the internet enables people to hook up with strangers much easier. Today, it’s much easier to cheat on a partner, with dating sites having been described as a ‘fuel’ for this type of addiction.

For some people, their sexual habits become uncontrollable, leading them into dangerous situations and ruining their ability to form lasting relationships. If married or in a relationship, individuals with this type of addiction often end up living a double life. This usually has negative consequences in the long-term.

I am here for you and offer a place that is safe and non-judgmental

Whether you’re struggling with sexuality or relationship difficulties, if you have hit a crisis point or the people who care about you are concerned about your relationship with sex, then I am here to support you and your family. If you have any questions about the services I provide, please call me on 01483 533808.