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Sex Treatment in Berkshire

Addiction takes a number of different forms, and that includes sex. Sex addiction includes being addicted to not only sex itself, but pornography, masturbation and possibly visiting prostitutes/using sex lines.

Although there is nothing wrong with a high libido, it shouldn’t take over your entire life. During sex addiction, a person often suffers compulsive sexual thoughts and acts.

It can ruin relations between you and a partner if out of control. You might even have to look elsewhere, which can completely destroy your relationship. As a consequence, sex addicts often have long-term relationship and intimacy problems. This is very sad, because it’s often the drive for intimacy that drives such an addiction.

Sex addiction can be hard to kick. Our culture and advertising is flooded with sexual images and television shows. However, it is more than possible.

Do you require sex addiction treatment? If you live in Berkshire, Hampshire or Surrey, consider Addiction Care. Based in Guildford, we provide comprehensive counselling for all clients. Our experienced sex addiction therapists can help you return to normal behaviour.

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