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Gaming Addiction Help in Surrey

Gaming addiction is a relatively new addiction that we help people with here at Addiction Care. However, like any other addiction this form is just as damaging on both a health and social aspect as any other addiction.

We tend to find that people who areĀ  addicted to gaming have become reclusive and their behaviour can be extremely erratic. Whilst spotting an addiction to gaming may be difficult, if the need to play a game overtakes all other responsibilities or you have to play a game to make you feel better about yourself then it’s likely that there is an addiction present and an underlying cause as to why this addiction to gaming has manifested itself.

Here at Addiction Care we can provide the rehabilitation programme required to help you recover from your addiction to gaming. You are certainly not alone and we can help.

For more information please call us on 01483 53330001483 533300 or email us at We will be more than happy to assist you further.

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