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Find Sex Addiction Treatment In Hampshire

Having any type of addiction is extremely difficult to deal with and talk about, however, when the addiction is to sex which can be seen as a taboo subject then it can be made that bit more harder to discuss. However, having an addiction to sex can be as damaging to relationships and your personal wellbeing as much as any other type of addiction. As such sex addiction needs to be treated the same as an addiction to substances such as alcohol or drugs.

An addiction to sex can take many forms, from having constant urges to have sexual intercourse covertly with strangers through to compulsive masturbation or watching pornography (to name a few). The need for those types of activities will affect your normal day-to-day life. Like any other type of addiction there will be an underlying cause as to how and why this addiction has manifested itself. I am here to help you find out why so a recovery programme can then be introduced.

If you would like to find sex addiction treatment in Hampshire, please call me on 01483 533808 and I will be able to help. All contact is handled in the strictest of confidence and if you prefer you can email me (Peter) on

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