Sex Help In Surrey

Do you need sexual addiction help in Surrey?

Described as a ‘progressive intimacy disorder’, characterised by compulsive sexual thoughts or acts, this addiction can have extremely negative consequences.

With online pornography more accessible than ever, along with chat rooms, cyber-sex and online dating, it’s no wonder it’s a growing problem in the modern world. Sexual imagery is also found everywhere, from advertising campaigns to movies and TV shows. There are increasing levels of provocation everywhere we look, making it harder to keep thoughts elsewhere.

Although it might not seem as detrimental as drug addiction, it can seriously impact your daily life.

If your intimate relationships are being ruined by sexual addiction, it might be time to seek help in 2016. It’s extremely hard to remain in a healthy relationship, when suffering from this kind of addiction, with many sufferers cheating on their partners or lying to them. Yet, paradoxically, this type of addiction is linked to a strong desire for intimacy and connection with others.

Addiction Care are keen to help anybody suffering for problems with sex. Based in Guildford, Surrey, our experienced sex therapists can help you move forward in life.

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